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Maximising your current circumstance – a fulfilling life

..we spend our working life thinking about the weekend and being away from work. Then, when we are away from work, we begin dreading returning to work and do not enjoy the time off we have…

During a theatre session at my last job, one of the anesthetic technicians began a discussion with a few of us in the theatre. She described a mindfulness session she had been to recently and how it changed her life and satisfaction from work significantly. I will be sharing what she explained and how I have tried to apply it to my own life. I will also touch on some other aspects I think will make for a fulfilling career life.

Do not get into the trap of the good old days.

You are living in the good old days

The technician explained that we spend our working life thinking about the weekend and being away from work. Then, when we are away from work, we begin dreading returning to work and do not enjoy the time off we have. At retirement in our 70s, we then begin to think of the good old days when we used to work and how we felt we enjoyed it. This buttresses the point of our experience of life being dependent on our perception.

To have a more fulfilling, less anxiety-inducing life, taking each day at a time is the way forward. Regardless of how cliche this statement sounds, it is a sure way to find peace in your current situation. I used to feel tired just thinking about work. But, with this mindset, I do not think about work in that sense. I go in and do the best I can do and leave. When I am off, or between 5 to 9, I jump from one hobby to the other to keep myself engaged. I try not to see my job as a hassle, instead, I see it as one of my living experiences and exist in it.

Competence is highly regarded.

You need to put in the work wherever you are

Wherever you may be in the world, striving for excellence is very important. Everyone will be glad to work with a skilled person with a good attitude. You do not need to be in the most developed of countries to improve yourself. Constantly updating your domain knowledge and skills will eventually pay off wherever you are. It is a cumulative effect and you might not even notice the changes until you stop and take stock. Irrespective of what field you find yourself in, constantly putting in your best effort will make you stand out. If you are lucky enough to have a charming personality or keen enough to develop soft skills, you will do very well for yourself.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Do your best and leave the rest

It is difficult to live a satisfied life if you keep on comparing yourself to others. Whilst, you are putting in your best considering the resources available to you, there will always be someone with different resources available to them, who will appear to have life more put together. But, there is always something everyone is struggling with or lacking. If all of their accomplishments and struggles were put forward and you were asked to exchange all of your circumstances, you would almost certainly not agree to this proposition. This should tell you something. Although, it is good to draw inspiration from people’s accomplishments, especially people on the same path, even reach out to them if they are available to help, but do not let their projected appearance take away the joy in your achievements.

Caveat emptor

A fulfilling life is what you call it

A few assumptions have been made in this post. Chief of them is that you do not find your current job/work unbearable. If you find your job unbearable, it goes without saying that you should start making progressive efforts to change your career. It is never too late and we only have this one life. Considering most of your waking hours will be at your job, it will not be in your best interest to spend most of the next 30 to 40 years of your life in a situation that you hate. Another assumption is that you will be in a job for most of your life, I anticipate a lot of people will rather go into business ownership and run their companies, as this is the main path to financial freedom. However, for most of my professional audience, it is more likely that you will be in a job and run a private business on the side further down in your career life. Therefore, finding fulfillment in this job will be integral in setting up your private trade.

Another assumption I have made is that your job is a major source of fulfillment, a lot of people will disagree as they find most of their fulfillment in family, friends, or spirituality. I maintain that you should strive for fulfillment in a place where you spend most of your waking life. Let me know what you think in the comment section and other assumptions I may have overlooked.

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  1. Torino

    Great peace Ike. I agree with most of the issues raised.
    I live for today.

    My Motto is “ If you can change your situation, change it, if you can’t don’t moan. If you don’t like it, change it. If you can’t then like it”

    1. Ikechukwu

      Thank you for your comment Toro. You have aptly summarised the whole article in 2 sentences!

  2. Lota

    Great piece ,thanks for sharing . I was just lamenting to someone this evening about how tired I am everyday and even the thought of going to work can be dreadful .
    Thanks for reminding us to take things one step at a time .

    1. Ikechukwu

      Thanks for commenting. I am glad the article resonated with you

  3. Eniola

    Hi IK, enjoyed reading this! This is timely, I was already starting to feel exhausted, overwhelmed and having the nagging feeling of not doing enough at work.

    I will practice more mindfulness at work and strive to be excellent!

    1. Ikechukwu

      I am happy to have helped! Thanks for taking out time to leave a comment!

  4. Taiwo

    Great piece.
    Thanks for sharing IK.

  5. Ebere

    Thanks for this piece IK, it was worth reading

  6. Ikenna

    Your thoughts and lessons here are timely and is a pointer to the need to adjust our mind to find the things that make for fulfilment in the workplace. Just like you said, strive for excellence, that way you never can tell, one can find something to live for.

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