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Visa Application Circumstance

A survey was carried out amongst thirteen of my colleagues who wrote the PLAB 2 exam in 2021 to get an idea of their various circumstances during the visa application.

The resulting data was collated to assist other colleagues who would be making applications in the future so they know exactly how those who have gone ahead of them did it.

The main point of this report was to show that the visa application is not a one-size-fits-all process and your circumstances will always differ from another’s. Therefore, do due diligence by going through the GOV.UK website, understand the visa application process, then, make an application after ensuring that you meet the requirements through your circumstance.

Flights and travel month

Flight (Direct vs Indirect)Actual flight CostMonth of travel
Indirect (eg Ethiopian)301k-400kNovember
Direct (Eg BA and Virgin)501k-600KDecember
Direct (Eg BA and Virgin)401k-500KApril
Direct (Eg BA and Virgin)301k-400kJuly
Direct (Eg BA and Virgin)greater than 600kAugust
Direct (Eg BA and Virgin)401k-500KNovember
Indirect (eg Ethiopian)401k-500KNovember
Direct (Eg BA and Virgin)401k-500KAugust
Indirect (eg Ethiopian)501k-600KOctober
Direct (Eg BA and Virgin)301k-400kOctober
Indirect (eg Ethiopian)301k-400kApril
Direct (Eg BA and Virgin)501k-600KOctober
Direct (Eg BA and Virgin)501k-600KApril

Find below a post to guide your application process.

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