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The FY2 Standalone Application

This video is somewhat overdue but late is better than never. Instead of a lengthy blog post, I am trying out video blogging as they cover more ground than text. Also, I am trying to practise speaking in front of a camera to improve my spoken English, so welcome to my experiment.


This video is for information/awareness purposes. If you decide to do the F2 standalone programme, you MUST refer to the latest application guideline on the UK foundation programme office (in the video description).

Introducing the FY2 Standalone

-Featured image is a trademark image of the UK Foundation Programme Office


Over the past few weeks, I have had to make serious life-altering decisions and this has affected my blog updates. When things are a bit calmer in the future, I hope to talk about things that should not come late.

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  1. Hosea

    Thank you so much IK. This was really helpful. However, i have a problem on my application. I am applying for the standalone F2 foundation program and have encountered a problem. Whenever I enter my GMC reference number, It rejects it with the message – The GMC number you have entered has not been identified as belonging to the General Medical Council’s list of valid numbers. Please check this is correct before continuing.

    However, I have a valid GMC reference number with full registration and license.

  2. Chinenye

    Hi IK. What can I do if I made a mistake on my fy2 standalone application? The application window has closed. Is there anything I can do

    1. Ikechukwu

      Hi, you could send me a message on Telegram.

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