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Why I will not use FlixBus again.

What is FlixBus?

A luxurious bus that moves from one European city to the other for cheap.

Why did you book it?

It was extremely cheap.

What are the alternatives?

National Express and MegaBus

Why didn’t you book the alternatives?

FlixBus was cheapest amongst the pack, for reasons you will get to know soon enough.

Before booking, did you have any premonition?


Tell me about it?

I felt it was too cheap to be reliable.

What did you do next?

I googled them to see if anyone had a negative experience with them.

What did you find?

A whole blog post describing how unreliable they can be and that they had poor customer service.

What did you do?

I booked them.

Loool. Why?

I thought how bad can it be? This is saner climes. They can’t outdo what I have faced in Nigeria.

Did they Outdo Nigeria?


Lmao. How?

I got to the bus station for a 6 hr trip to Liverpool. 30 minutes before the journey, the f***rs texted me that my trip had been cancelled with no reason. And offered a refund with no alternative plan to get me to Liverpool for a meeting I had the following day.


Yes o, that’s exactly what I mouthed when I read the text. I was confused and flustered. I couldn’t believe it.

What did you do?

I figured that I was probably not the only one they had f****d. I quickly tried to find an alternative bus to take me to Liverpool.

Did you find?

Yes I went online and found a National Express going to Liverpool at 3pm that day and I paid immediately.


Not really.


It was at ×8 the price of FlixBus and way more than the regular National Express booking.


Yes and I accidentally booked a trip for 3pm the next day, instead of for that day.


Yes o, I think the adrenaline didn’t let me think straight and I booked the wrong date. Or I actually booked the right date and it was quickly taken from me and they erroneously fixed me for the next day.

What about FlixBus, you just gave up?

Not really, I started going around the station asking for their stand.


They didn’t have a stand in the station. Tears.

Lmao. What did you do next?

I saw two black guys working with National Express and explained the whole situation and how I needed to be in Liverpool that day.


They directed me to the National Express ticket stand and the ticket was amended from the following day at 3 pm to 11:30pm on that day. The National Express customer service guy then asked me to speak to the bus driver for the 3pm bus for that day to see if there was any no-show, so I can take up their spot.

Any luck?

Thankfully, yes! I was lucky. The black guys I met earlier working with National Express helped me plead with the driver and I was allowed in with my 11:30pm ticket at 3pm.


Yes, after all was said and done the black guys laughed at me small for going to choose the somewhat unreliable and cheaper FlixBus.


I am on the road to Liverpool now listening to Dwin, The Stoic. FlixBus has refunded my fare.

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    lol. serves you right

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