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Welcome to the UK Medical register! – A GMC Registration Guide

This article details the process of GMC registration after passing the PLAB 2 examination drawing on my experiences and those of my colleagues.

The button links to an article on the GMC page describing the process in more detail. I have tried to summarise the long article in this post.

After passing the PLAB 2 examination, you will need to apply with the GMC to get a full registration with a licence to practice medicine in the United Kingdom.


  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Valid Evidence of English Knowledge (IELTS/OET)
  • International Passport Data Page
  • Primary Medical Qualification
  • Evidence of Satisfactory Medical Internship Completion
  • EPIC Registration and ID
  • Experiences in the Past 5 years/ Since graduation (whichever is shorter)
  • 157 Pounds (<5 years)/ 408 Pounds (>=5 years)

Those who qualified greater than 5 years ago can reclaim half of the 408 pounds registration fee if their current earning is less than 32,000 pounds per year. This applies to most doctors in Nigeria

My Application

I had a valid IELTS and had completed my EPIC verification before I took the PLAB 2 exam. The article below describes the process.

NB: If your PLAB 2 was repeatedly cancelled and this affected your IELTS validity, the GMC may assess the situation independently and allow you to apply with an expired IELTS if you prove your case. I know a number of doctors who got this concession.


The GMC has released a new guidance for English language evidence for the purpose of GMC registration due to the pandemic. Essentially, they will accept an English language test up to 3 years from the date of sitting, if you apply to join the GMC register not later than 3 months from your PLAB 2 pass.

Certificate of Good Standing

I applied for my certificate of good standing (CGS) immediately after my PLAB 2 examination and got it within 2 weeks, before my PLAB 2 result was released. MDCN also sent a copy of the certificate to GMC on my behalf and the GMC informed me when it was received. The CGS cost 66,000 Naira.

Evidence of Internship

I had my MDCN internship forms (Doctor’s copy) scanned and saved in Google drive. This is what I used to demonstrate internship rotation and duration as it meets all the criteria required of the GMC to prove your internship – reflected the duration of each of the postings and the supervising consultants signed on a letterheaded document.

The Process

As soon as my PLAB 2 result was released, I quickly read this guide, then started my application on GMC online. After choosing the type of registration required, my EPIC ID was requested which I promptly put in. After this, you will be required to update your internship roations one after the other.

After entering your internship rotation, you will be required to enter your experiences in the past 5 years. This section is responsible for the delay in the processing of most peoples’ applications. You will be required to put in all your activity since graduation or in the past 5 years depending on which is shorter.

Important Tip for Filling your Experiences

Enter your activity from your date of graduation (the date on your MBBS certificate) to the start of internship. You can absolutely say you were unemployed and waiting for your induction and provisional registration or looking for an internship position.

Next, enter your internship experiences individually again and then your activities post-internship.

This pattern of entry is applicable to those who graduated within the last 5 years.

A Common Error

As a doctor, you are not supposed to practice unsupervised in a medical role till the date you get your full registration. The date of full registration will be in your CGS and GMC will look to make sure every medical practice aside internship started on a date after this. You will be required to provide a reference from the employer if this is not the case, using the GEN1 form. You can fill in vacations or examination preparation in the gaps between your medical practice and will not require evidence for this.

The CGS represents a reference for any medical work carried out after your full registration, therefore, you will not need any reference from an employer if all your clinical activities are covered within the period of holding full registration in your country.


After entering my experiences, I paid a registration fee of 157 pounds and submitted the application. Immediately after submitting the application, an automated email was sent requesting my documents. I was required to compile the documents in a single PDF file and send them.

Full Registration With a Licence to Practice

Five working days after I applied, I got this email!


Your documents will be scrutinised. All the information must match – names, dates, experiences and spellings. If you experience a delay, do not be worried, just read the email and reply appropriately. Most people get their full registration and licence within 2 weeks of application, even with needing to provide extra evidence in the form of an employer reference.

I wish you the very best.

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    Super helpful info. Wish I came across this earlier

    I made the error of starting my work experience from after graduation when I didn’t have a license
    Now I am required to get a letter from Mdcn clarifying that.

    Pls do you know I can dig myself out of this hole I created for myself?

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