You are currently viewing Ikechukwu’s guide to obtaining a University of Ibadan Transcript.

Ikechukwu’s guide to obtaining a University of Ibadan Transcript.

Eligibility: Graduates of the University of Ibadan, College of Medicine.

Although, this article is specific to COMUI graduates, the latter part applies to all University of Ibadan graduates.


  1. College of Medicine transcript
  2. Statement of result or Degree certificate
  3. N3,000 naira if student copy. N5000 if sending to an institution
  4. Extra cash for express delivery to institutions destination.
  5. Manpower
  6. Lobbying/connection/sweet mouth for prompt response

Total Duration

Ideally: Four weeks and a few days
Reality: Four plus x weeks.
Mine with lobbying: Three weeks and four days

My cost implication

  • 1000 naira for college transcript
  • 3000 naira for UI transcript–student copy.
  • Remita charges 467 naira.
  • Transport to and fro UI from UCH.

Total : ~5,000 naira

College of Medicine UI transcript

Duration: One week two days.


  • Transcript request form.
  • 1000 naira.
  • Manpower.
  1. Go to this link to download transcript request form

Print it out and fill it.

College Transcript Remita payment

1. Pay N1000 into COMUI GENERAL PROCESSING Fees on the remita website as shown below

2. Print out the Remita receipt. Write “College transcript” on the receipt with a pen.

3. Submit this Remita reciept to cash office in the College of Medicine for conversion to the College’s official receipt. This takes 2 to 3 days.

4. Take the filled transcript form and official College receipt to the Records office on the 3rd floor of the College administrative building.

You will be told to return in a week.
Go back in a week or less, depending on your lobbying power to collect a sealed college transcript.

Now we are set to get the UI transcript.

University of Ibadan Transcript

1. Armed with the above requirements, proceed to the transcript website and apply.

2. After application, a reference number, will be sent to your email in 24 hours, just check your spam mail the next day, that’s where you will most likely find it.(this reference number will be useful in making online transcript requests, but, I didn’t need it during this application process)

3. Go to the University of Ibadan (UI) Transcript office, opposite love garden, make a request for your transcript. Add that you have your college transcript and that you have applied online. Then, you will be told to submit the sealed college transcript and write down your name. After which, you will be informed to check back in a day or two to see if your file has been pulled out.
4. Ideally, you should check back the next day or the day after that, as your file should be ready.

Try to get there in the morning around 9 am, so you can pay for the Remita, get your official receipt and make your final submission for application on the same day.

The Transcript office closes by 3pm.

5. When you return to the Transcript office, you will be told to search for your file yourself in the transcript office. After which you will handover the file to the officer there. The officer (a really inpatient lady) will then direct you to Remita to pay for your UI transcript

University of Ibadan Transcript Remita payment

1. Go to the Remita website again

[wpvideo 5Ax47hpY]

2. Manually input 3,000 (this is the amount for student copy, 5000 is for institution copy) and pay.

3. Print out the Remita receipt and take to UI cash office, it is on the ground floor of Tekene Tamuno building (VCs office complex), when you enter the building from the road leading to Kuti hall, turn to your left and walk straight down, the door will be at the end of the corridor.

4. Your official UI receipt will be ready in about 2 hours.

5. Submit your official receipt and degree certificate/statement of result to the transcript office. You will be told to check back in 3 weeks for the transcript.

You do not have to process your transcript yourself. You can give a friend the required documents and a letter authorising the person to do so on your behalf.

Extra information

  • It is very unlikely that your transcript will be ready in 3 weeks. So, it is important you get a contact person in the office to help follow up on your application.
  • I was able to get mine in 2 weeks via lobbying as I needed it urgently. The transcript of a colleague of mine who applied at the same time is yet to be ready as at the time of writing this article, 5 weeks from our time of submission.
  • If applying for institution copy, in addition to paying 5, 000 naira, you will pay for the express delivery of the transcript to the institution. This extra cost depends on the location of the institution.

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