Ikechukwu’s Fluffy Pancake Recipe


Non-Stick frying pan, 2 plastic bowls for mixing ingredients, 2 soup bowls(for egg and milk) , sieve, flat wooden spatula and a measuring cup (3/4 glass tumbler size).


Flour, baking powder, sugar, vanilla flavor/nutmeg powder, cooking butter, eggs, water, powdered milk, pancake syrup and hot dog/baked beans(optional sides)


Prepare your dry mix, egg mix, milk mix and pancake batter, then fry the batter. Preparation time : 10 minutes. Cooking time : 20 minutes.


3 levelled cups (my cup) of flour in a sieve placed in a plastic bowl, add a levelled table spoon of baking powder, add a heaped teaspoon of powdered vanilla flavor/nutmeg powder. Pick up the sieve and shake till the dry mix is sieved into the larger plastic bowl. This allows for even mixing, that produces a fluffy pancake. This is your DRY MIX.


Break 2 eggs into a soup bowl, whisk it vigorously. Keep aside.


Pour about half a cup of powdered milk in another soup bowl add 1 cup of water and mix properly ( you can add the vanilla flavor to this mix, if it is the liquid (Foster Clarks) one you have. Set this aside.


  • Get your 2nd large bowl, scoop about 4 heaped tablespoons of butter into the bowl, add 1/2 cup of sugar to the butter in the bowl and stir vigorously (I use a strong fork to do the stiring), the sugar and your vigorous stir will ‘melt’ the butter. Pour in all the whisked eggs gradually and continuously stir the mixture until a more fluid batter is formed.
  • I call the next step, rinse and repeat. To the above fluid batter, pour in some of your dry mix gradually and continuously stir, until the mixture becomes a very thick (near dry) unstirrable paste. Pour in the milk mix gradually, stirring continuously, until the batter is fluidy again and ready to take more of the dry mix, repeat the whole process. Add dry mix. Add milk. Add dry mix. Add milk. Till the milk is finished. Then you can substitute the milk with water. If there is still some flour left, or the mixture is too thick. The aim is to get a viscous paste that just flows with some resistance. (Like the consistency of recently made pap). This is your batter.


  • The next step is to put on your cooker, set it to low heat (this is the second most important part of the whole process, high heat will damage your mix, by quickly charring the outer surface and the inner portions will remain raw and uncooked.)
  • Place the non-stick pan on the heater, allow pan to heat up for 2 minutes. Pour the batter gently from the side of the bowl into the pan, till a round batter covers 3/4th (not the whole pan, the remaining space allows for manouevering) of the area of the pan.
  • (P.s: I would rather pour in the paste than scoop it as most people would, so I get wider pancakes, and a generally shorter cooking time).
  • Allow the pancake batter to heat up (3 to 4 mins), after which you will notice generalized bubbles uniformly forming on the surface of your pancake and/or the edge beginning to get well formed and no longer sticky, at this point the underside is most likely done. Use your wooden spatula (I use a plastic frying spoon for this) to carefully tease the pancake from the undersurface and turn it so the raw part gets some direct heat, leave for another 2 to 3 minutes, turning the pancake intermittently to see when it is done. (As the Pro that I am, I flip the pancakes in the air using the non-touch technique. With time and practise, you will be able to do this after throwing a few pancakes on the floor)
  • Remove the pancake and repeat the process, till you fry all the pancake batter.


  • Serve with pancake syrup and a side of hot dogs, baked beans or fried eggs.
  • Feel free to ask questions and clarify the points.
  • I want to see your result!. Kindly send a picture of your final product.
  • Finally, you should know that cooking is not regimented, feel free to adjust the recipe, quantity of ingredients and methodology as you deem fit.

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